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unique abilities as a starseed on your journey

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"You are a unique and powerful being, with a special mission and purpose here on Earth. You are a starseed, and you have the strength and wisdom of the cosmos within you. Remember to always trust your inner guidance, and have faith in your journey. You are here to make a difference, and your light is needed now more than ever. Keep shining bright, dear starseed. The world is waiting for your gifts and talents. Believe in yourself and your journey, and you will achieve great things."

Jaleesa Lamandassa

About me

Hi everyone, Thank you for taking the time to look at my website.

My name is Jaleesa Lamandassa, and I am clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairsentient. I have been spiritually awake my entire life, meaning that since childhood, I have remembered my own past lives, been able to look into other people’s past lives, see auras, galactic orbs, and predict future events.





I can also sense when someone needs healing and I work closely together with my spirit guides, who revealed their identities to me at a young age….


Whether you’re curious about lightcodes, a reading, or healing sessions, I am here to answer any questions.

kind words

The light code that I received from Jaleesa is very inspirational and is vital for my spiritual journey that I have embarked on!!! I am in total awe of her gifts and abilities! This has put a lot into perspective for me and helped me to understand more about myself! I highly recommend getting one done!!! 🧿🪬🙏
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Jaleesa Lamandassa aka Mama Saturn is out of this world! Both her past life readings and spectacular custom light codes have lit up my life and those around me. She created super impactful and inspiring light codes for my business and family. I have the light codes everywhere... around the house, on my phone, on my computer and on my website. Jaleesa is one of those rare beings so skilled and tuned in to her process that you physically feel the impact of her creations. Her past life reading was another level I have never experienced. I could write a book with all the valuable information she channeled and transmitted during the reading. It really helped with a bigger picture understanding of myself and my children. I hope you have the chance to work with Jaleesa. My experience with her has been one of a kind and life changing.
Harry Isaac
Nova Scotia, Canada

The experience of the reading was incredible and beautiful at the same time! so much became clear about my past lives and the life I lead now. I am so very grateful to you from my soul, to finally remember who I really am. I stand in my strength, I understand my soul thanks to your loving reading!🙏🏽
The Netherlands