About Me

"Connecting with my spirituality helps me to find purpose, peace, and meaning in life."

"You are a starseed, with the power to change the world and make a positive impact. Remember to trust your inner guidance and let your light shine bright."

Jaleesa Lamandassa

My name is Jaleesa Lamandassa,

I am clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairsentient. I have been spiritually awake my entire life, meaning that since childhood, I have remembered my own past lives, been able to look into other people’s past lives, see auras, galactic orbs, and predict future events. I can also sense when someone needs healing and I work closely together with my spirit guides, who revealed their identities to me at a young age.








I learned that I have lived many galactic lives, but I call Sirius B my home planet as that is where I spent many lives working hard to support the human race and build bridges between my species and other galactic life forms from different planets and galaxies. I came to know that during my life on Sirius, I have been sending my current self messages, tasks, and lightcodes so I could help raise the Earth’s vibration, awaken people’s consciousness, and help them remember their own galactic lives.







I have stayed very true to who I was on Sirius, as my purpose on Earth today is to assist with the great shift in consciousness that is now occurring globally. My task is to bring healing, light, and to build bridges once again. My light codes and light-language art are, in fact, a bridge to the higher consciousness of the 5th dimension and beyond, and I myself am a channel of higher dimensional light. I am unapologetic when it comes to exploring new realms, if it means I can help people find their highest truth and guide them on their own unique spiritual journey, reconnecting them to their galactic roots. That is why you see a big variety of lightcodes from different species, planets, and galaxies on my social media platforms – I acknowledge and welcome all!
Thank you for getting to know me a bit better. 
Wishing you lots of love and light,