"Discover your path and awaken your potential with a reading."

I am offering two types of readings:

Discover your starseed origin.

During the reading, I will connect with your unique frequency and make direct contact with your galactic soul family. I will be able to identify where you have lived in previous galactic lives and your galactic mission. Each starseed has a specific mission and role in their planet or galaxy, and this mission is often encoded in your DNA and tied to your identity. A starseed origin reading can provide insight into your soul’s mission on Earth, as your galactic life often reflects your earthly purpose. It will also reconnect you with your soul’s home and your galactic guides, who are supporting you in this lifetime.


Earthly past life reading.

Are you curious about the origins of your soul and its journey through multiple incarnations on earth? Do you want to know more about the path that your soul has taken to get to where you are now? If so, I can help by offering a past life reading. Through this reading, I can delve into your past lives and provide insight into your soul’s earthly incarnations. This can be a valuable and informative experience, helping you to better understand the path that your soul has taken throughout its time on earth.


Past life readings, whether focused on the earthly or galactic realms, can be extremely helpful if you’re searching for answers about your purpose. Through these readings, you can gain new insights into your soul’s journey and feel a stronger connection to your true self. My clients have consistently shared that the readings I offer are both accurate and clear, and they feel a sense of clarity and inspiration after the session. They also often describe the experience as enjoyable and uplifting, as learning about their soul’s story brings them joy.


  • Starseed origin reading ~45 minutes: €75
  • Earthly past life reading ~45 minutes: €75
  • Starseed origin & earthly past life reading: €125

(*It is possible to have the reading while in a Zoom-call)

Kind Words

"Jaleesa is not just another light worker. Her spiritual gifts bestowed by source, make her a conduit of divine receptivity. my experience working with Jaleesa was in many ways life saving. Her capacity for accessing the akashic records, and resonating with her clients energetic resonance, offered me an unprecedented understanding into the nature of this incarnation. Her calm presence, clear articulation, and non-distorted connection with the source, allowed her to bring clarity to the journey of my soul over various incarnations. Moreover, the map of understanding she drew through her reading, bestowed immense clarity on my mission in this incarnation, which in turn, permitted a powerful integration. An integration, that fused my intellect and spiritual gifts into a cohesive conscious experience. Anyone who is seeking to understand who they are, where they came from, and how they can best maximize their current incarnation, should highly consider working with Jaleesa.”

"A spiritual reading is a chance to connect with your higher self and tap into your own inner wisdom. It is a chance to gain clarity on your path forward and to receive guidance and support on the challenges you are facing. Whether you are seeking answers to specific questions or are simply looking to deepen your understanding of your spirituality, a spiritual reading can be a valuable tool for self-exploration and growth. So come with an open heart and an open mind, and let the journey of self-discovery begin."

Jaleesa Lamandassa