"Unlock your potential with the power of lightcodes"

Multidimensional lightcode and light-language artwork transmissions.

My lightcodes carry high frequencies and contain data from higher dimensional galactic realms, which will connect you to your unique divine essence and help starseeds and lightworkers remember their highest truth and self. With my transmissions, I build a bridge between dimensions and other galactic realms, translating their frequencies into geometry and form. This is how my lightcodes come into existence.

My lightcodes are designed to guide you on a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. They are here to awaken you spiritually and expand your consciousness by positively reprogramming and activating your DNA. Just as our emotions alter our DNA, you can use lightcodes as a tool to release karmic baggage and heal from trauma.

To access the data from lightcodes is by opening your heart and let the codes speak to you. During meditation, you can ask the codes to activate your DNA, reveal their ancient wisdom, bring healing, or simply remind you of your true self and your highest purpose.

Interested in a lightcode?

If you’re interested in learning more about the lightcodes I make or want to order a custom lightcode, head over to the contact page. There, you can ask any questions and place an order for a personalized lightcode. Whether you’re looking to enhance your spiritual journey, connect with your higher self, or simply want a unique piece of art, I’m confident that I can create a lightcode that meets your needs. 


  • Custom Channelled galactic lightcode: €120
  • Custom channelled geometric artwork: €95
  • Custom Logo starting price: €60
  • Tattoo designs starting price: €55

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